It is a power-relation of the most disturbing kind, I agree. It’s in everyone's interest to resist this new fraudulent attempt to control peoples. The double whammy of fallaciously fixing the human brain as a ‘forever’ known object and AI to replace it is an attempt of the most non-virtuous kind.

The inventors and authors of Brain/AI control/replacement as exemplified by Dr. Hassabis or Mr Musk are the logical progression of the ownership of desire to own and control all capital.

Valorising their efforts by Google paying Dr. Hassabis 400M GBP or awarding Mr. Musk a fellowship of the royal society for their efforts to erase humanity is an absolute perverse value system and is the root cause of why we are where we are. If this is the way science is going then science is the wrong kind of knowledge.

Thereby the children of today are taught that science and business are valued and art and philosophy are not. The free ancient Greeks would laugh their heads off at how stupid humanity has become. We are not an advanced and enlightened society we are a weak and blind one, thanks to valorising and rewarding enslavement technologies like neuroscience and AI.



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