Virtual reality experiences and the construction of truths

A grand sandstone Church set in a rural green hillside with vaguely surreal clouds in Rotenberg, Stuttgart, Germany

“Humans live in a world of illusion and deception…Reality is all about perception but perception cannot inherently be trusted as objective”. — Jessica AI, January 19, 2022

What is meant when we say “reality”?

Physicists measure objective reality with instruments like Geiger counters for example, which is objective data. Until around the time of Immanuel Kant, object…

Be the Outsider — embrace virtue.

“One of the most dangerous aspects of the Djokovic matter is the preparedness of the federal government to deem someone to be a risk to public order simply on the basis of what it perceives that person’s views might be,” Mr Barns said.

“This is Orwellian and it is deeply…

A message for aspiring digital CEOs.

Four king penguins hanging out on a rock

“On hearing who the newcomers were, Tucker’s response was laconic and to the point — “You’re too late, it’s all over!”

The Revolutionary Years — No 30 December 1982 — La Trobe Journal

The demise of the revolutionary

Angry Penguins was a publication by modernist freethinkers in Adelaide then Melbourne Australia in the WWII and…

Should we hold digital platforms themselves to account and design-for-good?

Evil postmodern man with disfighured face standing next to a wall with a skeletal demon doll.

“I remembered quite suddenly that all around the outside of the merry go round there have always been old-fashioned paintings of tiger hunts, elephants, and throwing lassoes in South America. You remember me telling you there are tigers everywhere, on bags of flour, on hundreds of tins of jam stacked…

“Plus c’est la même chose: despite massive changes in hardware, software and the social penetration of IT, the same issues remain unsolved.”

‘Death of Leichhardt’ — by Albert Tucker 1959 © Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia

NB: Originally published by Dr. Jim Underwood in ACIS 2012 Proceedings: “Looking Back to Tomorrow: Research, Teaching and Practice in IS”

INTRODUCTION — Lessons from an Academic Life

Reflecting on 45 years of practicing, teaching and researching information systems development, I am left with some uncomfortable feelings. A feeling of…


How AI researchers and practitioners should scrutinize themselves for a better future.

Picasso’s Guernica

“At the end of the day, the success of AI research will be measured by how it has empowered all people, helping tackle the many wicked problems facing the planet, from the climate emergency to increasing inequality within and between countries.”

Artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives…

How our personal stories and experiences are narrowed by pervasive AI/ML and bureaucratic risk management practices

Picture of a child-doll with clown makeup looking sad

The power of personal stories

Have you ever noticed how movies from the major film houses keep recycling the same stories, the same scenarios, keep backing the same “A” list actors and generally operate…

Dr. Adam Hart

phd epistemology | 30 years corptech

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